International Women's Day

March 05, 2018

International Women's Day

By Hanna Isabelle for Goldoni Milano

Instagram @queen_isabelle8


March 8th, is the day we celebrate women all around the world. After many years of suppressing the achievements of women who made history - nowadays, their accomplishments are honored across the globe.

Therefore, Goldoni Milano is the perfect present for women that should be celebrated this year. The bracelets are influenced by various cultures. They have engraved symbols of strength and beauty. Chic yet with a hint of fun details, these bracelets are the perfect gift for the modern woman – an all-rounder that is multicultural and fashionable.



What do I mean by “modern woman” you may ask. Well thankfully, today we can embrace who we are without withholding. The modern women can be a single mom who handles a job and her family. Or it can be the young motivated girl who wants to get herself known in the fashion industry. It can also be the 50-year-old career lady who is always on the go, yet has a flair for beauty. So why shouldn’t we all embrace ourselves with the right accessories?

Hence, I love Goldoni Milano – every collection has its’ own story! It is up to you which one you connect with.

I personally love the evil eye bracelets. They are not only stylish but their symbolism has a meaning to me. The evil eye for instance is supposed to protect me from jealousy. I’ve been carrying an evil eye on me for many years by now. Another symbol I feel drawn to is the Celtic knot – coming from ancient Celtic history. The knot stands for wisdom and harmony. The fascination for the knot originated from my best friend. She has been studying the Celtic culture for some years now.



Even if people won’t admit it, it is my belief that certain motifs can have a positive impact on our minds. So, what better than one or multiple beautiful bracelet(s), that are far than just stylish, but also meaningful to the person wearing it? After all, small sparks of beliefs can have a great impact on our lives! Just as back in the days, when women fighting for the rights that now we have – these females carried the hope for an equal future for women within their hearts. Hope is what keeps us going. Thus, wearing symbols of faith will give us strength to achieve our goals!

A woman in any form shall be celebrated and honored, be it, a sister or a wife or a mother or any other form. Happy Women’s day to all of you! I am curious to see what we will accomplish this year!



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