February 05, 2017


It’s those early moments at the start of your day when the rays of the morning sun creep through the blinds to glitter like gold on the tousled locks of her hair, bare-faced, she has never looked more beautiful. It’s that moment when walking she turns to look back, in her eyes that gaze says it all, that there’s nobody else she would rather have with her. And it’s those moments she holds your hand in her own, where you feel the warmth and connection that you carry with you even when you’re alone. It’s her spirit, her grace, the sound of her voice; it’s these moments that take you to a special place. So give her a gift this Valentine’s day that captures the feeling inherent in all of these moments to remind her that you’ll always be there.



Double Infinity Bracelet
The infinity symbol has been used for centuries to represent the eternal continuation of life in one unending loop. Two circles sit side by side, balanced in their opposition, and forever joined together, the epitome of wholeness and completion. Show her the depth of your commitment this Valentine’s Day with this dual symbol woven together in cubic zirconia, representative of the lives you have entwined by love eternal.


Heart Bracelet

Derived from the shape of ivy leaves that were once used to indicate fidelity, the heart shaped pictogram is a timeless representation of romantic love. All of the love and emotion that you hold for her in your heart and has been captured in this beautifully simplistic design created from cubic zirconia. This Valentine’s Day, give her your heart with this symbol to remind her that she always carries a piece of you with her.


Key Bracelet

The ultimate surrender comes when you offer up the key to your heart. The vulnerability that you express by handing her this symbol is testament to the power of your love and the strength of your commitment. Give her the key to yours this Valentine’s Day with this beautiful design made from cubic zirconia, and unlock the wonder and possibility that only a life filled with love offers up.

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